Mountain Bike Trips – Where Boldness Pays

Why Mountain Trips?

Mountain bike trips are something which is often used as a metaphor for life. This is the time when the balance is first among the virtues, momentum is second. One always requires confidence whereas, cockiness invites disturbance and seldom failure. At each point, there is an easy way and the hard, rewarding way. Here in mountain trips, one can find several up’s and down’s. Mountain trips are where the fun starts when you push the limits.

What is needed?

In order to have a mountain bike trip, one should have the stipulated skills, fitness levels, and all supported gears in biking. There is a minimum requirement and one can expect themselves to be pushed technically and physically as well.

There are various skill levels to be noted:

  • Novice+
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate+
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Top items for carrying:

1) Dry bag- Dry bags are to be kept so that the dry clothes can be put on there.

2) Riding shoes- When you are in a new destination, one should wear comfortable shoes so that less strain is being implies on the foot.

3) Bike spares- Anything which is specific to your bike model and likely to get damaged on the way is a must carry for the trip, click here to see recent reviews on the latest bicycle parts.

4) Down jacket- A low fill down jacket should be kept always as it can be invaluable at times.

5) Cable/ zip ties and duct tape- Can help many a times when a bag zip is broken, bike repairs, etc.

6) Flip-Flops/ Sandals- These can help your feet to be free and have some air after a long tiring riding.

7) Head lights- It can help you during night when you need some strong assistance.

8) Food- Always do have some dry food which can help you anywhere to boost yourself.

9) Aeropress and Coffee- A real compact item which will be of immense importance to you in your travel days.

10) Sunglasses- Polarized glasses are ideal for mountain bikers in their trips which will help them to get rid of the harsh rays of sun.

So, mountain bike journeys are often regarded as the prime time of exploration.



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